11/5/2012 (1:12pm) 5 notes

Indie dev remaking Descent with modern graphics, sound


Though the game has languished in recent years, freeform first-person shooter Descent is finally getting a fancy, fan-made reboot, courtesy of “Madmax1998.” Madmax is using the Unreal Engine 3 to bring the original game’s “six degrees of freedom” (the ability to orient and move in any direction, abbreviated as “6DOF”) fully into the modern graphical era. While previous remakes and modifications like DXX have focused on improving the original’s graphics by bolting 3D acceleration onto the original game’s source code, Madmax’s remake is a full engine replacement.

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Fire-powered cellphone chargers spotted in lower Manhattan

Also, check out the makeshift offices that many websites operating in NYC have been working out of lately

incoming, raiders. #bsg #nerd (Taken with Instagram at The U.S. Space and Rocket Center)

Rawr. (Taken with instagram)

vending machine may be carnivorous. (Taken with Instagram at Six Flags Over Georgia)

#USA #darts (Taken with Instagram at Harp Irish Pub)

Ymsb (Taken with Instagram at The Tabernacle)

ho! (Taken with Instagram at Broadstone Dunwoody)

snOMG (Taken with Instagram at Broadstone Dunwoody)

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Tim Burton working on a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas


While doing an interview regarding his Pee Wee’s Playhouse Broadway show, he let drop a great late Christmas present when he mentioned that Tim Burton was working on a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas.

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